'Extremely rare': Doctors find UTERUS while operating on man's hernia

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WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: Doctors have made a rare find in a man who sought treatment for a hernia.

Dr Karan Raj, a doctor with the UK’s National Health Service and TikTok influencer, posted a video explaining the unusual case.

He explains the man had been troubled by a left-side hernia for a number of years.

“He also had an undescended testicle on the right-hand side known as cryptorchidism,” Mr Raj says.

Doctors performed surgery and during the procedure they made an amazing discovery.

Doctors hold a testicle after it was removed from a 67-year-old man.
The testicle removed from the man's body. It also had female repoductive organs connected to it. Source: Uroglogy Case Reports

Dr Raj says inside the hernia doctors found a uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and a testicle.

“He was diagnosed with a rare condition known as Persistent Mullerian duct syndrome (PMDS),” he says.

“An extremely rare condition where men have female reproductive organs in addition to a penis and scrotum.”

He explains males have a hormone which removes the Mullerian duct, but this doesn’t always happen. The Mullerian duct is what eventually helps create the female reproductive organs.

Dr Raj is referring to a case published in Urology Case Reports last year.

Researchers wrote the condition is a rare pseudo hermaphrodite syndrome and it is not completely clear at this stage what causes it.

The man, in this case, had an undescended testicle his entire life but the pain with the hernia had gotten progressively worse over the past 10 years.

In any case, surgery on an undescended testicle or a hernia of some sort is normally what leads to the discovery of PMDS in patients, researchers wrote.

A testicle is pictured along with Dr Karan Raj in a TikTok video.
Dr Karan Raj explains how the man's condition was rare. The testicle is seen on the left. Source: Urology Case Reports and TikTok/ Dr Karan Raj

If the uterus had been left inside the man it’s not believed he would have suffered any changes.

He also has three children and doctors wrote he had "average male osteo-muscular and pilosity, well developed penis with urethral opening in glans penis".

The testicle and female reproductive organs were all removed.

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