'Extremely disturbing': Man's vicious train attack on elderly woman

A video has caught the sickening moment an elderly woman was repeatedly and viciously kicked in the head and body while on a train.

Footage of the horrifying incident was uploaded to Twitter and shows a man roundhouse-kicking the 78-year-old woman in the side of the head and body as she was on the subway.

The incident happened as the train was stopped in the Bronx in New York City on March 10.

The woman was taken to hospital and later released, and is getting ongoing care, advocacy and support.

The woman was allegedly kicked in the head. Source: Twitter/BKLYNRELL1

The video was widely circulated online, leading to the arrest of the man.

Marc Gomez, 36, was charged with multiple counts of assault and harassment, US news station WABC reported.

A number of people can be seen in the video filming the incident, gasping in shock with each kick.

The woman was taken to hospital following the incident. Source: Twitter/BKLYNRELL1

The woman attempts to hold her arm up to protect herself, but to no avail.

Somebody can be heard saying “f***ing stop” in the background before the man faces the camera and says, “Worldstar that my n*****”.

Worldstar is an online site that shares videos of fights and violence.

Police arrested a man following the March 10. Source: Twitter/BKLYNRELL1

When the man disembarks the train, the 78-year-old woman can be seen holding her head.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) spokeswoman Amanda Kwan described it to the New York Post as “an extremely disturbing video”.

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