Extreme hoons to face jail time in SA

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Hoons who drive at extreme speeds will face up to three years in jail under new laws introduced in the South Australian parliament.

They will also be hit with a mandatory two-year licence ban for a first offence and a five-year ban for any subsequent offence.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman says the new penalties recognise the risk dangerous drivers pose to the community and provide penalties that reflect the serious nature of the offending.

"Hoons are a blight on our community who place little or no value on their lives or the lives of others," Ms Chapman said.

Under the changes, extreme speed is defined as driving 55km/h or more above a posted speed limit of 60km/h or less.

Where the speed limit is above 60km/h, extreme speed must involve driving at 80km/h or more above that limit.

The penalties can go as high as five years in jail if the offences are committed during a police pursuit, if the vehicle is stolen, if drugs or alcohol are involved or if the driver is on a learner or probationary licence.

Road Safety Minister Vincent Tarzia said this new legislation would help protect all road users.

"This sends a clear message that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated," he said.