Extra funding for cancer support program

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More Australian women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will have access to a dedicated nurse and tailored support, thanks to an additional million dollars in funding.

Ovarian Cancer Australia says the cash injection from the federal government is sorely needed to sustain the organisation's Teal Support Program, which offers specialist support and counselling.

"To put it in perspective, there are 1500 women each year who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer," chief executive Jane Hill said.

"Three women die each and every day from this ghastly disease."

With treatment requiring major surgery and infertility, depression and anxiety common side effects, the funding will allow more struggling women, particularly those in rural and regional areas, to join the program.

IVF scientist Caitlin Delaney, who was diagnosed four years ago at the age of 39, knows just how vital the program is.

"The mental torture of this disease is often worse than the physical torture," the mother of two said.

"There is so much about this disease that's lonely.

"I can't even imagine what it would have been like without Ovarian Cancer Australia at the other end of the phone or having their support groups for women like me."