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Explosives manufacturing plant in Russia’s Bryansk Oblast rocked in brazen drone attack

The attack on the chemical plant took place on the night of October 12-13
The attack on the chemical plant took place on the night of October 12-13

New details have emerged regarding the aftermath of a drone attack on a chemical plant in Seltso, Bryansk Oblast, Russia.

The plant is known for its production of explosives.

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The attack took place during the night of October 12-13 and involved two kamikaze drones, reported Telegram channel Astra, who claimed that Russian forces successfully “neutralized” one of the drones.

In stark contrast, the second unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) exploded on the roof of one of the factory’s workshops.

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“The damage was limited to the roof and the ventilation chamber of the production facility,” said an official report.

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Images circulating on social media depict thick plumes of black smoke billowing from the factory, suggesting that a fire likely erupted because of the strike.

The Bryansk Chemical Plant, named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR, is affiliated with the Techmash conglomerate, a subsidiary of the Russian state corporation Rostech. Techmash specializes in the development and delivery of munitions.

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