Explosions ring out near oil refinery in Russia’s Krasnodar Krai

Afipskiy oil refinery
Afipskiy oil refinery

Explosions rang out near Russia's Krasnodar Krai in what is expected to be an overnight drone attack on an oil refinery, the Shot Telegram channel claimed.

Three explosions were heard by the oil refinery near the village of Afipskiy and locals reported hearing the characteristic sound of engines, presumably from drones.

The drones were apparently intercepted by Russian air defense several kilometers before reaching the refinery, the Telegram channel claimed.

Attacks on Russian refineries

Ukraine has been regularly targeting Russian oil refineries with long-range drones since late January.

At least 13 strikes on Russian refineries have been recorded, said Ukraine's SBU Security Service.

Oil extraction and processing in Russia have decreased by 12% after the strikes.

Revenue from oil product exports accounts for one-third of the Russian budget and a substantial portion of the military budget, SBU Chief Vasyl Maliuk said.

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