Expert Profile: Jo Ucukalo

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Expert Profile: Jo Ucukalo

Name: Jo Ucukalo
Job/Title: CEO of Handle My Complaint
Describe a day in the life: My days vary depending on what I'm working on. It starts with a run with my dog, Hussey, a swim or a surf followed by homemade breakfast. For work, I'm either behind a computer working on documents, complaints or software development or don't see my desk all day. I have a lot of meetings with companies, clients and have my regular TV, radio and speaking appearances.
What would you be doing, if it wasn't your current job: If I had my choice, I'd be a Pop Star. I love singing and dancing. I've recently taken up singing lessons and discovered I'm not tone deaf after all. If Carpool Karaoke makes it to Australia, I'll be ready for a call up!
Who would star in your bio: When I was a flight attendant, people often remarked that I reminded them of Sandra Bullock. I think the resemblance was more about my mannerisms during the safety briefings than looks. Sandra Bullock with her comedic style would be a great match.
Song stuck in your head right now: The Best Things in Life Are Free by Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross.
Favourite emoji: The emoji that doesn't yet exist - the nude emoji. Think of the possible uses.
Best piece of advice you've ever been given: Only once you've decided what life you want to live will you start living your life.
Last book you read: A fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz - it's an Australian novel about heroes and villains. I loved the part in the book which explains how and why cricket is a beloved sport. My dog is named after a cricketer, so I'm a cricket fan (aka tragic).
Last person who texted you: My friend Michele. She was excited to share her dream from the previous night with me as I featured in it.
You're a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?
Sandy Spring. I'm most happy and relaxed at the beach and never get annoyed at the amount of sand I bring home with me. Spring for two reasons. I love that time of year; shaking off winter layers. Also, I love springing out of bed in the morning; that feeling means I'm enjoying what I'm doing.
Teach me something I don't know in the next five minutes. I love money saving tips, so here's a quirky one. Many classic portraits were painted with the subject's hands hidden, behind a vase, for example. Some say, that excluding the subject's hands was a way to save money since portrait painters gave a discount if they didn't have the extra work of painting fingers.
What are you known for? I'm best known for my problem solving ability, which has made me Australia's expert on complaints.
I'm also known for my passion for feeding people. For me, cooking is an expression of love combined with showing off.