Expert bags prepacked apples

A new pre-packaged sliced apple product, boosted with additives to ensure it looks and tastes fresh, was "horrific" and a poor marketing tactic to encourage children to eat more fruit, a leading health commentator claims.

Pharmacist and local radio health commentator Gerald Quigley said the Goulburn Valley Fresh sliced red and green apples, with preservatives calcium ascorbate and calcium chloride to stop the fruit browning or going soft, were of "dubious health benefit" and he took issue with putting chemicals in foods to make them look nicer.

"I am horrified that we have to use these sorts of marketing tactics to try and teach kids the value of eating an apple," he said.

But Healthway chairwoman Rosanna Capolingua and Dieticians Association of Australia's Kate DiPrima said the product was better than junk food for time-poor parents.

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