Expat’s chilling reason bush track empty

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The expat revealed why no one was on the trail.

An Irish woman living in Australia has revealed the horror she experienced when she realised why she was running on a deserted track.

Tanya, who is travelling Australia in a van, was going for her daily run on a track alongside a road in Mackay, Queensland, when she stopped to question why it was deserted.

As she was running, she found her answer.

Tanya told her 6,500 TikTok followers she was out on a run on “this lovely track” which she said was “perfect” for running.

“I was wondering why there was nobody around,” she said.

She then panned to a sign which revealed there had been crocodiles in the area.

“Warning: Crocodile reported in this area in the last seven days,” the sign read.

Tanya then panned to marshland, where crocodiles could easily have been hiding.

Irish woman's scary run encounter
The sign said there were crocodiles in the area. Picture: TikTok

She then turned the camera back to herself, looking shocked.

“Oh, no wonder,” she said before laughing.

The video has quickly gone viral on TikTok, with many users in the comments urging the traveller to “keep moving”.

Others told her to move in a “zigzag”.

“Fun fact … reptiles respond to vibration in the ground … like a person running,” one user wrote.

Another person assured her: “You’ll be fine. They’re territorial and largely nocturnal. Just don’t go in the water.”