Expat reveals three things she can do in Australia she will never do in the UK

Australia appears to have changed one British expat's mind on a few things.

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There are many similarities between Australia and the UK, with the distinct few disparities being the reason why many pack their bags and head down here in the first place.

Besides the Aussie sunshine and the appealing lifestyle it offers to residents, one British expat has revealed three lesser known differences she has identified between the two countries — with her observations shining a positive light on Australia.

"Here are three things I can do in Australia that I will never do in the UK again," Jordana said on TikTok.

Left, the expat Jordana can be seen holding a reptile up to the camera and smile. Right, Jordana is in a restaurant holding a cocktail and smiling to camera.
The expat revealed her time in Australia prompted her to notice things about her time in the UK that she hadn't before. Source: TikTok/thejordanagrace

Differences between Australia and the UK

An observation on Australian style was the first difference mentioned by Jordana, who shared she immediately noticed the popularity of a particular clothing item when she migrated here.

"It took me six months to get the courage and then I started wearing them, and I love them," she said, referring to "bike shorts", an activewear staple worn by many Aussies.

"But when I wore them in the UK last summer I got the dirtiest looks," she continued, believing the British public to be more disapproving.

The second difference may not come to a surprise to many, with Jordana championing Australia on their coffee.

"Australia has ruined me... it has such good coffee," she admitted, before confirming that in terms of caffeinated drinks the Brits have superior tea.

Lastly, she vowed to never complain about "how far something is" after moving here, acknowledging she previously took for granted how comparatively small the UK is.

"In Australia distance is just a concept," she stressed. "People do a three hour round trip just to get a doughnut."

"Australia has changed me."

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