Expat reveals Americans would 'freak out' over Aussie work benefits

According to this US expat, Americans have 'tragic' working rights compared to Australians.

While millions of young Aussies feel the punishing cost-of-living crisis is all doom and gloom, one American expat says those in the US would be 'freaked out' by the working rights of those Down Under.

Eli Winters, who is living on the Gold Coast, outlines some of the differences she's seen living and working in Australia, arguing in a viral TikTok the conditions and rights of workers are far more favourable.

"The fact that the minimum wage is liveable", she exclaims in her video, and "the fact you get more money when you work on weekends, overtime, or late nights [as a casual]" is so different.

Australia is in the grips of a cost-of-living crisis, causing many Australians to worry about their financial situations. But Eli claims, in her video that has acquired over 1.4 million views, despite the hardships Aussies are experiencing, they still have it better than Americans.

Two photos. Left image shows a photo of a woman with the words 'as an American living in Australia here are some more differences that would freak Americans out'. Left image is of a calm beach with the words 'saturday mornings living on the Gold Coast'.
American expat reveals just how great living in Australia actually is compared to America. Source: Supplied

The National Minimum Wage in Australia is $23.23 per hour, or $882.80 for a 38-hour, full-time work week. In comparison, the minimum wage in America is just $7.25 (approx A$11.25).

It's not just the difference in minimum wage that shocks the American expat. According to Eli, the US does not have weekend pay. And, while some Americans in the comments argued they do in fact get paid extra on weekends — Eli explained that it's up to the employer's discretion and only a select few have access to it there.

Paid leave entitlements better than US

In Australia, permanent employees are entitled to at least four weeks of annual leave and 10 days of sick leave per year (pro rata for part-time employees). These entitlements are considered normal for permanent workers in Australia, no matter their role.

Eli commented on how different it is in the US, saying that "in America some people work their entire life and I don't think they ever get that much paid vacation — it's tragic".

Annual and sick leave are just the beginning of an Australian employee's entitlements. As one viewer pointed out in the comments, Aussie's also get "long service leave, paid mental health days, and public holidays".

Reaction to the video has been mixed

In the wake of the cost-of-living crisis seen across the country, many Aussies have disputed Eli's claims. One commenter asked "how is the wage liveable? [We] can't even save for a house on minimum wage in Australia", and another said "it was liveable, [but] sadly it isn't so much now".

Others acknowledged her point, saying that though "liveable is a stretch, [it's] certainly better than in America".

Most, however, commented that it's the housing market that is the issue in Australia, with one American saying "as an American living in Australia, if it wasn't for the housing prices I could see myself living here long-term because everything else is great".

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