Stranger's kind act for exhausted pregnant mum

A crying, pregnant mum has returned to her car to find a kind note from a stranger.

The mum, from Canberra, wrote on Facebook she was at a shopping centre on Thursday night chasing her four-year-old son “trying to catch him”.

“I’m currently seven weeks off having baby number two and was really struggling to keep up with him,” she wrote.

“Once I finally managed to get him to the car after being slapped and kicked I burst into tears.

“By this point my husband came and rescued me, took our lovely four-year-old home and I went back in and got dinner.”

The woman later returned to her car and found a note on the windshield that touched the exhausted mum.

A mum received this kind note after having difficulties with her four-year-old at a Canberra shopping centre. Source: Facebook

“You’re doing a great job, mumma,” the note reads.

“Keep your head up.”

The mum thanked the stranger for the note adding “you have absolutely no idea how much better it made me feel”.

People wrote the stranger’s note to the mum was “beautiful”, “fantastic” and “cute”.

“That is awesome,” one woman wrote.

“Sometimes the littlest things make the difference.”

Another added the note brought tears to her eyes.

“Shopping with kids is a nightmare,” one woman wrote.

“Mums deserve a bravery award.”

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