Pictured: Mates use boogie boards to rescue exhausted horse from drowning in floods

Two men have been praised for their heroic efforts to save an exhausted horse from drowning, as Queensland begins to clean up from Cyclone Debbie's destruction.

Northern NSW has also been devastated by floods after the cyclone aftermath headed south.

On Thursday night Kaylie Wilson of Uki issued a desperate plea on Facebook after her horse and donkey went missing.

"Missing donkey and horse... in the floods, if anyone finds them please let me know," she posted.

While it’s not known if Ms Wilson has been reunited with her horse, social media users have praised the two men for their rescue efforts of a horse in floodwaters in the Uki area.

Meanwhile on Uki Rd two men worked tirelessly to save a horse from drowning by using boogie boards to keep its head above the rising floodwaters.

Photos from the scene show the horse collapsed from exhaustion in the doorway of their Tweed Shire home.

The two men used boogie boards for the horse to rest its head on as it struggled to stay above the floodwaters. Source: Facebook
The exhausted horse collapsed in their doorway. Source: Facebook

"Hi everyone - a friend of mine rescued a horse that is exhausted and in his front door. He lives on Uki Rd near the flower shed. Does anyone know who this horse belongs to?" Gillian Taylor wrote.

"Whoever these boys are, you are absolute angels,” Anna Barton wrote.

"I hope I get to meet you one day and shake your hand, that would be an an honour."

It's said the horse has since returned to her owner after being treated by a vet.