Executive’s unbelievable daily schedule ridiculed online

Josh Dutton
News Reporter

An executive has been widely mocked over her daily routine.

Melania Edwards, an exec for HSBC based in Northern California, told Business Insider how she spends a typical working day.

Ms Edwards claims she starts each morning with meditation at 5.30am followed by a game of tennis two hours later. In between she enjoys breakfast – either a bowl of fresh fruit or a bottle of green juice while she catches up with family and friends via video chat.

The rest of her day is spent in meetings between two separate offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

She also enjoys an hour lunch break by the water around noon, which is normally a salad bought from the local farmer’s market.

A Business Insider profile on HSBC executive Melania Edwards has been widely mocked. Source: Facebook/ Melania Edwards

“There is always fresh seasonal produce, and the waterside views refresh me for the rest of the day,” Ms Edwards said.

She volunteers spare time in her afternoon and evening helping an organisation in Papua New Guinea promoting women’s economic empowerment before yoga at 7.30pm.

Dinner is spent with her boyfriend where they “experiment with new recipes” before they go for a walk where Ms Edwards reflects on her “key wins” for day.

While the profile is meant to illustrate a woman, who is “always on the move”, Twitter users have been left in hysterics with many questioning if she’s a real person.

Many have questioned whether Ms Edwards is a real person. Source: Facebook/ Melania Edwards

“I’m literally in tears over this Melania Edwards slice of life piece,” one user wrote.

“THIS CANNOT BE A REAL PERSON. I’m at my desk trying to find out if she actually exists.” 

Another described her profile as “absolutely amazing”.

“She has to be made up!” another user tweeted.  

“Someone supposedly this godlike would have more of an online profile?!”

“This is astonishing. I feel lazy now,” another tweeted.

Others pointed out all the photos of Ms Edwards playing tennis, walking to the office and sitting in meetings are all pictures belonging to her.

One user suggested it could be satire, and if the article is, “it’s very good”.

However, Ms Edwards seems to be real. She has both active Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Ms Edwards claims she starts each day with meditation at 5.30am, tennis at 7.30am and yoga at 7.30pm. Source: Facebook/ Melania Edwards

According to her Linkedin profile she studied at Oxford and Cambridge. She also volunteers for the United Nations. 

However, whether she spends each day accomplishing everything described remains a mystery. 

Regardless, some people were left in genuine awe of the HSBC exec and how she spends each day.

“She still does more than your current president,” one woman tweeted. 

“Melania Edwards for President!”