Exclusive: Neighbours star Stefan Dennis responds to Paul and Terese reunion hopes

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours star Stefan Dennis has hinted that there may not be a reunion for Paul Robinson and Terese Willis anytime soon.

Fans have been left to question what the future holds following Terese's discovery that her husband Toadie Rebecchi has cheated on her.

Monday's episode (March 11) ended on an upsetting cliffhanger for Terese, as she overheard Melanie Pearson chatting to Holly Hoyland about how she'd slept with Toadie.

Melanie thought that she was talking to Holly in private, but the conversation was picked up via the walkie-talkies that the Lassiters staff were using during the Longest Lie-In event.

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Paul, who is currently in a relationship with Chelsea Murphy, is likely to play a key role in supporting Terese following her big discovery.

Asked whether Paul will see this as an opportunity to win Terese back, Stefan told Digital Spy: "I think there comes a point where Paul has to resign and realise that Terese is not interested.

"But that doesn't mean that he is ever going to stop. Just because he outwardly resigns and goes, 'Okay, I have to accept my fate, this is it. I'm never going to get Terese again' that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to stop.

"In saying that, he has Chelsea. It's lucky that he does have Chelsea because underneath the gold-digging and ambition, she is actually a good person and she's growing very, very fond of Paul – and I think vice versa with Paul's attitude towards Chelsea as well.

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"Paul is openly resigning his attitude towards Terese. As I've said before, I think he's accepting it. Underneath that, I think Paul will always try – and if he sees an 'in' to get back with Terese, he probably will."

Asked about Chelsea's ulterior motive for initially pursuing Paul, Stefan replied: "It wasn't so much that Chelsea was after his money, but she was after what his money could do for her because she's got a business acumen and an ambition towards that.

"Chelsea realised that Paul was basically a meal ticket for her to be able to achieve the things she needs to do.

"It wasn't necessarily that she wanted to be a multimillionaire with Paul's money, but she wants the opportunity to be able to do the things that she has ambition for."

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