Exclusive Constellation Sneak Peek: Jo and Alice Talk About That Conversation They Apparently Didn’t Have

With just two episodes left in the season — and coming out of last week’s eye-opening “Paul Is Dead” installment — Apple TV+’s Constellation sci-fi thriller this Wednesday will shed even more light on why exactly astronaut Jo Ericsson (played by Noomi Rapace) has been so damn puzzled by the life she returned to following a deadly ISS mission.

Last week’s aforementioned “Paul Is Dead” episode focused on William Catlett’s character, revealing that in one reality Paul Lancaster actually survived the incident aboard the International Space Station, though Jo did not. That Paul similarly returned to a “home” that is just a bit off — one where his wife goes by a different name, and in which the CAL project had been abandoned more than a decade prior.

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Desperate for answers, Paul sought out mentor/CAL pioneer Henry Caldera (Jonathan Banks), but found himself face-to-face with a confused Bud Caldera (Jonathan Banks), who wound up shooting the stranger who’d come into his home spouting nonsense.

Elsewhere last week, Jo took daughter Alice (Davina and Rose Coleman) with her to track down and talk to the woman who had sent those audio cassettes — one documenting the ISS events during Jo’s space odyssey, and the other from November 1967, recording an accident involving a female cosmonaut. Jo and Alice then continued on to the family cabin in Vindelälven, bravely (?) motoring across the frozen lake after encountering a snowed-over access road. Arriving at the cabin, Jo cued up the cassette tape of her FaceTime session with Alice from the ISS, which was interrupted by the accident. Overhearing the audio, Alice asserted that the child’s voice was in fact not her — among other things, she does not call her momma “Mummy.”

In the sneak peek above from Episode 7, “Through the Looking Glass,” Jo replays the tape for Alice, after which they each drop more bombshells, including this Alice’s relationship with her momma’s Swedish language, and Jo’s familiarity (or lack thereof) with the CAL device. (Be sure to clock how Jo, as in previous episodes, rubs her left temple, the site of her fatal bludgeoning in the other reality.)

Press play above for the psychological thriller’s latest eerie download, then share your latest theories about Constellation!

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