Ex-Vic quarantine hub drug lab discovery

An apparent drug lab has been discovered at Melbourne's purpose-built quarantine centre after the facility was reopened to flood victims.

The $580 million Centre for National Resilience in Mickleham was visited by police on Tuesday afternoon, with officers finding suspected drug-making equipment inside an unoccupied unit.

Glassware and unidentified liquids were among the items seized, police said.

Staff at the site tipped off police on suspicions of illegal activity in one of the units, a Victorian government spokesman said.

"As this is now under police investigation it would be inappropriate to comment," they said.

No arrests have been made over the discovery.

As of last week, 112 people were staying at the Mickleham centre following last year's devastating floods.

The 1000-bed site was reopened to offer emergency accommodation to displaced Victorians in October after briefly closing its doors as Australia's COVID-19 response wound down.

The Victorian-run, Commonwealth-built hub replaced quarantine hotels and housed 2168 residents after opening in February.