Ex-PC Gavin Harper 'tracked wife meeting lover at Screwfix'

A man who found his police officer wife having sex with an inspector in a car told a jury he punched her new partner in "self-defence".

Gavin Harper, 45, confronted his wife Stephanie Glynn, 40, at a Screwfix car park where she had driven to meet Insp Andrew McLullich.

Mr Harper has denied stalking Ms Glynn, a Merseyside Police constable, and unlawfully wounding Mr McLullich.

He told a jury at Liverpool Crown Court he had not "gone there for violence".

Mr Harper, himself a former police officer, had placed a tracking device on Ms Glynn's car and followed her to the scene in Birkenhead, Wirral, on the evening of 16 February 2021.

The security officer said he had suspected for months she had been having an affair with Mr McLullich.

Giving evidence on Tuesday, he told his barrister, Suzanne Payne, that he did not drive to the car park with the intention of fighting the inspector.

'It's Gav'

When asked what he intended to do, he said: "Get undeniable proof they were having an affair, a sexual affair, by videoing it and then giving it to the police."

Miss Payne said: "For what purpose?"

Mr Harper said: "That two serving officers were having an affair during Covid."

He said he approached Mr McLullich's car and looked through the window, where he saw Ms Glynn and Mr McLullich having sex.

Asked why he opened the rear passenger door as he filmed on his mobile phone, he told the court: "To get better footage I suppose. So that they knew I had the undeniable proof of what they were doing."

Mr Harper said he told them "I've got you now", and Ms Glynn shouted "It's Gav".

"I was upset but weirdly relieved," he told the jury, but added he was "far from" feeling angry.

Liverpool Crown Court
Gavin Harper denies attacking the man he found having sex with his wife

Mr Harper said Mr McLullich then started punching him "repeatedly".

He said he punched the inspector back "three or four times" to defend himself.

Miss Payne asked if he carried on defending himself, and Mr Harper said: "No. I didn't have the energy for one thing. I was not there for that."

He said he was then "leg-sweeped" by the inspector and was punched again as he lay on the floor.

'Flew into a rage'

Mr Harper said his wife told Mr McLullich to "get his phone, get his phone".

He said in the struggle that followed Ms Glynn then "started kicking him".

He told the jury: "That's probably the worst thing about it."

Mr Harper said he later took his phone out of his pocket and started taking "loads of still pictures".

The defendant said he said something "derogatory" about Mr McLullich and "he didn't like that. He flew into a rage and he punched me a couple more times to the face".

"Steph got between us and he stopped it."

Mr Harper, of Liscard in Wirral, is accused of stalking Ms Glynn between December 2020 and the date of the confrontation.

The prosecution case is that Ms Glynn began a sexual relationship with Mr McLullich after leaving Mr Harper, but that the defendant could not accept the breakdown of their marriage and became "obsessed".

The crown said it was Mr Harper who attacked Mr McLullich in the car park.

Torch attack

Under cross examination Mr Harper said Mr McLullich denied sleeping with Ms Glynn but admitted there were "inappropriate messages and videos and he agreed they were disgusting".

The defendant said he "took a chance" on the pair being at the car park by looking at previous tracker data from his ex-wife's vehicle and their work shift patterns.

Ryan Rothwell, cross-examining, said: "It was driving you crazy that you didn't know what she was doing, wasn't it?"

Harper said: "No."

Mr Rothwell said: "You were obsessed with catching her in the act."

Harper said: "No, not obsessed."

The defendant denied he opened the car door because he wanted a "man to man" confrontation.

Mr Harper also denied raining punches on Mr McLullich or being pulled away by Ms Glynn.

He rejected prosecution claims he struck Mr McLullich twice on the head with a torch as they tussled when he tried to retrieve the tracker from under the car.

The trial continues.

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