Ex officer called 'bully' in alleged assault footage

Mikael Boukhari
Mikael Boukhari alleges he was assaulted by the former police officer [BBC]

Body camera footage of a former police officer allegedly assaulting a man he was arresting has been shown to a jury.

Gediminas Palubinskas, who was a PC with Gwent Police at the time, appeared at Swansea Crown Court on Monday.

The jury was shown video of the alleged assault, where witness Tammy Foster Wells can be heard shouting "get off him", "you absolute bully" and "you are out of order".

Mr Palubinskas, 34, denies assaulting Mikael Boukhari at Livale Court in Newport in July 2021.

The jury was also shown a picture of a bite on the arm and a bruise on the head of Mr Palubinskas.

Ieuan Rees, prosecuting, said Mr Palubinskas was bitten and punched during the incident, and also that Mr Boukhari suffered a fracture in his hand as well as bumps and bruises.

Mr Boukhari also took to the witness stand, saying the day before the incident Mr Palubinskas had stopped him in a van with two others.

“He parked in front of the van and came to the van and then tried to walk towards me and accuse me of driving the van,” he said, adding: “I ran.”

Asked by Mr Rees if he was driving, Mr Boukhari said “no” claiming he was sat in the middle seat of the van.

Sharonjit Bahia, defending Mr Palubinskas, said Mr Boukhari had told lies “about whether you were the driver of the van”.

Mr Boukhari replied “No”.

Asked why he ran, Mr Boukhari replied: “Because he was being aggressive towards me”.

In the footage, Mr Palubinskas can be heard saying “you’re disqualified” and repeating “switch the engine off now”.

Mr Boukhari is then seen getting out and running away.

Asked if having seen the footage Mr Boukhari wanted to change his testimony, Mr Boukhari admitted he was driving, and said he had denied it “because I was disqualified”, saying “he was still being aggressive”.

The case continues.