Ex-cop's charges dropped over Laidley leak

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A former policeman who was accused of leaking photos of AFL coach Dani Laidley in custody has had charges dismissed.

Shane Reid, a former senior constable, was named by other police as the person who took a photo of Ms Laidley in a police interview room after her arrest in May 2020.

His lawyers argued for charges against him after an internal investigation to be dropped because there was no case to answer.

Magistrate Hayley Bate agreed on Thursday.

Mr Reid was charged alongside other police including senior detective Murray Gentner, whose own charges were dismissed in March.

During a contested hearing Det Gentner said Mr Reid told him he took the photo and he advised Mr Reid to come clean with his bosses.

The photo was shared in a police WhatsApp chat called "SD1 Gentlemen's Club" and is believed to have been leaked from there.

"Whoever has leaked this out of the circle of us as police - the words I have are probably not fit to be recorded," Det Gentner said in court last month.

Ms Laidley reached a confidential settlement with Victoria Police last month after launching civil action in the Supreme Court.

The amount of the settlement is unknown.

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