Everything you need to know about the Sun tarot card

the tarot card the sun showing a blue eye in the center of a diamond star
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Too blessed to be stressed is the vibe when the Sun appears in a tarot reading! When this Major Arcana tarot card shows up, you know everything is going to be okay. The Sun radiates joy, optimism, and positivity, reminding us to see the bright side of our current situation. No matter what is going on, even in the bleakest of situations and the darkest of nights, the day breaks and the Sun always rises again. There is always something to look forward to, even something small.

The Sun reminds you to look for the good parts of your circumstances, embrace an optimistic attitude, and seek out joy. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, sluggish, or disenchanted lately, the Sun is your cosmic sign to take a much-needed break (or an entire day off!). Get outside to rejuvenate and feel the warmth of the Sun on your face! Enjoy yourself by prioritising pleasurable activities and just feeling GOOD.

The Sun keywords

Joy, happiness, success, luck, optimism, gratitude, radiant, illumination, truth, confidence, being your best self,

The Sun upright meaning

The Sun is the largest celestial being in our solar system, unafraid of shining brightly and taking up space. The Earth revolves around the Sun, after all! Follow the Sun’s lead and be your biggest, most authentic self. You light up the room, bb! People love you for being YOU, and they love being around you. Seeing someone living their truth and being comfortable in their skin is a pleasure to behold, and people are drawn to your confidence.

Your joy and happiness are magnetic! Remember this as you continue to shine confidently. Stay true to yourself as you live your best life and achieve your goals. Never, under ANY circumstance, feel the need to succumb to the pressure of others’ misery by dimming your own light. Just be you! Success is yours, so enjoy this present moment of satisfaction and happiness. Celebrate, because you have earned this!

The Sun reversed meaning

Everything is looking up, my darling! The Sun is here, shining in all its glory, melting away the frost and blessing you with eternal warmth. If you are facing setbacks or finding it challenging to see the positive side, this is your reminder that everything will work out. The best is yet to come, my dear.

If your situation has felt foggy and unclear, the Sun appears to shine a light on the truth. Your resolution is coming and your story isn’t over yet, so keep going! Have faith in yourself and remember that everything can change and turn around in an instant. Yes, life gave you some lemons, but you can make a delicious, juicy lemon cake out of this mishap (and it could turn out even better than you initially expected!). Express gratitude for what you have already accomplished, and set your sights on the abundance that awaits you.

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