Everything you need to know about new spy thriller 'Black Doves', starring Keira Knightley and Sarah Lancashire

From Line of Duty to Trigger Point and Happy Valley, it's clear we love nothing more in the UK than a good, gritty crime drama. If you're wondering what the next series set to keep us on the edge of our seats might be, look no further than Black Doves, a slick, spy thriller coming soon to Netflix.

While we don't have many details yet, the teaser information released by the streaming giant sounds seriously compelling. Created and written by Joe Barton (the mastermind behind Giri/Haji and The Lazarus Project) Black Doves will feature an all-star cast, including Keira Knightley, Ben Whishaw, Andrew Koji and Sarah Lancashire.

ben whishaw as sam young
Ben Whishaw is just one of the A-list stars of upcoming series, Black DovesStefania Rosini/Netflix - Netflix

The series – described by Netflix as "a sharp, action-filled and heartfelt story of friendship and sacrifice" – follows Helen Webb (Knightley), "a quick-witted, down-to-earth, dedicated wife and mother... and professional spy. For 10 years, she’s been passing on her politician husband’s secrets to the shadowy organisation she works for: the Black Doves. When her secret lover Jason (Koji) is assassinated, her spymaster, the enigmatic Reed (Lancashire) calls in Helen’s old friend to keep her safe."

"Sam Young (Whishaw) is a suave, champagne-drinking assassin. But having been out of the game since a failed job with disastrous consequences, he’s come home to a London that has moved on without him. As his past threatens to catch up with him, his task is to protect Helen as she investigates who killed Jason and why. Together, they set off on a mission that will lead them to uncover a vast, interconnected conspiracy."

happy valley s3,29 01 2023,5,catherine cawood sarah lancashire,lookout point,matt squire
Sarah Lancashire (pictured here in the critically acclaimed Happy Valley) will also be taking on a lead role in the seriesBBC

So far, so gripping – and we can't wait to see how this tense plot plays out with such a brilliant cast. Lancashire has, of course, excellent form when it comes to crime dramas, thanks to her role as the straight-talking Catherine Cawood in the much-loved Happy Valley. We expect Whishaw to bring his characteristic dark humour to the series, as seen in This Is Going To Hurt and the much-lauded political drama, A Very British Scandal. Knightley, meanwhile, will add a dose of star power and English charm (one glimpse of her talented turns in Darkest Hour and Boston Strangler is enough to prove that).

"To be going into production with a cast and crew full of people whose work I admire so much is unbelievably exciting," says creator Barton. "I couldn’t be more thrilled to get to see this show come to life." We couldn't agree more – and we'll be waiting for further updates on the trailer and release date of Black Doves with baited breath.

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