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'Every year is a relegation battle' - Martindale

David Martindale is unfazed by Livingston's league position as he says he begins every season prepared for the possibility of a relegation battle.

The Livi manager says his primary concern is to stay “in touching distance to everybody else” and he is not concerned with his team being 11th in the table.

"Not really because if you look at the difference between second bottom and fifth, it's one win, three points,” said Martindale, whose side are away to Dundee on Sunday.

“I think it needs to be put in perspective, I don't really get caught up in league positions. I've been at Livingston for 10 years and we've been in relegation battles for about eight of them.

"The only year I can hand on heart say we weren't threatened by relegation was the League 1 days.

"Even the first two years in the Scottish Championship, all we were trying to do was stay in the league.

"This is our sixth year in the Premiership and every year is a relegation battle (to start with).

"I think people need to be pragmatic in terms of just because we have overachieved previously, it doesn't mean we have a divine right for that to happen every year.

"It's a tight league this year, there's three points between fifth and 11th, four points between fourth and 11th, and six points between fifth and 12th.

"If a team shows a bit of consistency and picks up two or three wins on the bounce, it can change the whole look of the table."

David Martindale
David Martindale