What is that tiny pocket on your jeans for?

If you’ve ever wondered what the small pocket on the right side of your jeans is for, you’re not alone.

Chances are every pair of jeans you own has the tiny, seemingly impractical pocket and everyone seems to have a different theory on what its primary use is.

Some people use it to store change, others use it to stash lip balm, or keys, the list is endless.

A Denim Pocket Closeup
Almost every pair of jeans still has the tiny pocket and most people don't know what to do with it. Source: Getty

During the 1980’s it was considered the perfect size to keep a condom in there, musicians have said it’s the best place to keep a guitar pick and some people think it’s the perfect place to stash things you don’t want to be easily found.

The first pair of jeans were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, yes - those Levi’s.

The very first pair was originally created out of practicality - for labourers who were looking for pants that could withstand rough working conditions.

Pairs of iconic Levi jeans.
The first pair of jeans was invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss for people who needed durable and practical clothing to work in. Source: Getty

Davis and Strauss teamed up to patent their idea of placing metal rivets along the points of strain in denim pants and although they were originally known as “waist overalls”, the first pair of jeans was born.

They quickly became popular with the working class, who needed durable clothing that was also practical.

Although the basic style of jeans never really changed from the original, by the 1960’s baby boomers had adopted the style and were now calling riveted denim pants “jeans”.

Vintage pocket watch in pocket black jean.
The tiny pockets were originally used to protect pocket watches. Source: Getty

Another feature of jeans was four pockets for storage, one in the back, two in the front and one small pocket on the right side.

According to Levi, the pocket was created to protect a gentleman’s pocket watch.

Thanks to wrist watches and mobile phones, pocket watches are no longer the most practical way to tell time but the little pocket on your jeans still remains and people are still finding a lot of uses for it.

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