Ethiopia PM says army in control in Tigray

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Ethiopia's army has managed to repulse attacks by a rebel political party in the northern Tigray region, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says, after declaring a state of emergency there.

Abiy had announced earlier on Wednesday he was sending soldiers in after an attack on an army base by the region's ruling party, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), sparking fears of civil war.

In a televised address, the Nobel laureate leader said: "The army not only repulsed the attacks but has managed to control important and key locations."

He did not mention any casualties or whether fighting was ongoing but added that the government would "conduct more operations in the coming days".

The TPLF had long dominated Ethiopian politics but since taking office in 2018 Abiy has been at odds with the elites in Tigray, many of whom he has purged from government and state institutions.