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Ethical dilemmas for kindy kids

They may only just be learning how to read and write, but from next month kindergarten kids will start studying ethics.

Classes are being offered for students who opt out of religious education.

From next month, five-year-olds will be debating moral questions such as ‘Is it ok to dob on someone who does the wrong thing?’ and ‘is it ok to tell a friend's secret?’.

Ethics facilitator Vicki Courtenay said: “We are opening up discussions and scenarios they are the big questions that have no yes or no or right or wrong."

Ethics lessons are already offered for years one to six as an alternative to religion.

While 75 per cent of public primary school kids take part in religious education a quarter have opted out.

NSW is the only state to offer ethics classes as an alternative to religious scripture.

So far 10,000 children have signed up and the dilemma now is finding enough volunteers to teach them, with over 4,000 needed.

For more information how to volunteer or get your school involved go HERE