Memorable national anthem mishaps

Sam Goodwin

This little guy courageously battled through a bad case of the hiccups while singing the national anthem at an Australian Baseball League game.

Seven-year-old Adelaide local Ethan Hall didn't let it slow him down, producing one of the most memorable renditions of Advance Australian Fair we've ever seen.

While the youngster refused to be put off, the video above shows several players from the Adelaide Bite and Brisbane Bandits struggling to contain their laughter.

In honour of Ethan's rousing rendition, we've put together the most memorable national anthem mishaps in recent memory:

Mendoza massacre

This bloke clearly hadn't practiced Advance Australia Fair before he sung the anthem before a Wallabies-Pumas match in Argentina.

He made up words left, right and centre, but boy what a finish!

History's page or history's state?

Kate Ceberano left many people wondering what lyric she was singing at this year's AFL grand final:

We're Aussies, not Kiwis!

The Kookaburras saw the funny side of things when the New Zealand national anthem was played before their match against Belgium:

Watch out for that red carpet!

Mark Donnelly tripped over while singing the Canadian national anthem at an ice hockey game. He didn't let it stop him though:

Another on-ice mishap

If you're going to forget the words, you better not slip over straight afterwards:

Carl Lewis can't really sing

Carl Lewis was an incredible athlete. He sucked at singing however:

Michael Bolton butchers it

Michael Bolton couldn't use Carl Lewis' excuse that he wasn't a professional singer: