Estonia's PM Kallas says EU should agree to a long-term aid package for Ukraine

EU leaders meet in Brussels

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union member states should agree to a long-term aid package for Ukraine, Estonia's prime minister Kaja Kallas said on Thursday ahead of the summit regrouping leaders of the 27 EU member countries on the subject.

As Hungary's prime minister Viktor Obran is the only one of the 27 to voice his disapproval of the agreement and request a yearly vote on the long-term aid, Kallas said the "pattern of re-negotiation" over Ukraine aid should not return.

The Thursday summit is seen as the last opportunity to reach agreement on a four-year plan for 50 billion euros ($54.2 billion) of economic aid for Ukraine.

(Reporting by Bart Meijer and Piotr Lipinski, Editing by Charlotte Van Campenhout)