ESPN tennis analyst, former pro Patrick McEnroe tests positive for COVID-19

Patrick McEnroe has tested positive for COVID-19.

The ESPN tennis analyst who won the 1995 Sydney International in addition to 16 doubles titles as a pro announced the news on a social media video on Tuesday. McEnroe, 53, is the younger brother of seven-time major champion John McEnroe.

McEnroe says he’s doing well and is quarantined in his basement. He took a test at a New York state drive-thru facility 11 days ago and said he got the positive result Tuesday morning.

I feel fine

“The good news is I feel fine,” McEnroe said. “My symptoms have passed. I feel really 100 percent.”

McEnroe said his wife and children have also been quarantined for two weeks and encouraged “everyone to do the same.”

“Let’s get this thing,” McEnroe continued. “Let’s nail this thing. I’m an example of someone that’s been able to fight through it, and I’m doing absolutely fine. Thoughts and prayers to all those people who are struggling with this.

“We’ve gotta do our part. We’ve gotta listen, and we’ve gotta stay home.”

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