Erin Molan shocked at $100 hotel charge: ‘That’s my lesson learned’

The Aussie broadcaster was charged $77 for two phone calls made at the Sheraton in Sydney.

Erin Molan instagram images.
Erin Molan said she was shocked to receive the $77 hotel bill. (Source: Erin Molan/Instagram)

Erin Molan has shared her shock at receiving a ‘nearly $100’ phone bill from the Sheraton Hotel in Sydney.

During 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin show, the Aussie broadcaster shared that she booked the hotel for herself and her daughter, Eliza, to stay over the weekend and use the pool.

“It was a lovely stay … and I thought I got a good deal because I had gotten it from one of those [booking] websites and, because I booked it on the day, it was much cheaper,” Molan said.

“Checking out yesterday, I noticed a couple of things on the bill. One of them was for an amount of $30.40 and the other was for $46.60.”

She realised the charges were for two phone calls she had made with Eliza, who had recently become fascinated with talking on the phone.

The two phone calls were made from the hotel room’s phone to Molan’s mobile, she said, while they were sitting in the same room.

“The first one was half an hour of her and I chatting. I had my phone on speaker and she was talking into the hotel phone,” Molan explained.

“Then we did it again a couple of hours later and it ended up nearly costing me $100.”

Molan said she was shocked when she received the hotel bill from the receptionist, which labelled the calls as “telephone long distance” although Molan told her they were not.

“I said, ‘Is that right? That amount?’ She said yes,” Molan said.

“That’s my lesson learned. That was a very expensive play date.”

Yahoo Finance has contacted Sheraton for comment.

It comes as parliament pays tribute to Molan’s late father, Senator Jim Molan, who died last month from prostate cancer.

Molan and her family gathered in the Senate’s public gallery today to hear the speeches.

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