Eric star explains meaning of the Netflix show's ending

mckinley belcher iii, eric
Eric star explains meaning of Netflix show's endNetflix

Eric spoilers follow.

Eric star McKinley Belcher III and writer Abi Morgan have explained the meaning behind the show's ending.

The new Netflix series, which premiered this week, sees Marvel star Benedict Cumberbatch play renowned puppeteer Vincent Sullivan, as he searches for his missing son Edgar (Ivan Howe).

During his search, Vincent desperately clings on to Edgar's drawings of a blue monster puppet called Eric — who becomes his only ally as his increasingly unhinged behaviour alienates those around him.

mckinley belcher iii, eric

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The series also explores the disappearance of 14-year-old Marlon Rochelle, who Detective Ledroit (Belcher) is determined to find.

After Marlon's mother Cecile finally learns what happened to her son, the series poignantly ends with Ledroit and Cecile sharing a meal, while her grandson watches Vincent's puppet show Good Day Sunshine.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Morgan explained why she wanted the show to come full circle, saying: "It's a kind of hopeful message about, this child might be different, the world might be different for this boy when he grows up."

On Ledroit's development across the series, Belcher continued: "There's so much about the journey over the six episodes that is for me specifically about stepping into being the change that he wants to see in the world.

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"And I'd like to think that as he's sitting there watching this young boy watch the show, that he's looking at a very real representation that the world, through the things that happened in just that episode, is a better place for that young man."

He concluded: "And it's also sort of a reflection of all the young men that have gone missing over the course of this series," with Morgan adding: "And who will sadly continue to go missing."

Since its premiere on the streamer, Eric has earned a 71% score on Rotten Tomatoes (from 51 reviews), with particular praise going towards the cast's "convincing" performances.

Eric is now available to stream on Netflix.

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