The Equalizer 3 lands highest Rotten Tomatoes rating of the trilogy

The Equalizer 3 isn't out in the US yet, but it has already managed to set a new record for the action franchise.

The third and final chapter in the saga of Denzel Washington's vigilante Robert McCall is the highest-rated in the entire series. While the film's Rotten Tomatoes score will likely change as it gets its wide theatrical release tomorrow (September 1), it currently stands at 73%.

This score tops the first outing's previous franchise high of 60% and is leagues above the series' low point – a 52% approval for The Equalizer 2.

denzel washington, andrea dodero, the equalizer 3
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But, despite the franchise-high score, the reviews are still fairly mixed. Here's what some of the critics have been saying so far:

Digital Spy

"The movie might be able to convince some McCall non-believers, as it ties up his story in quite a gratifying way. Despite a couple of surprising references to previous events in the story, this third instalment feels like a stand-alone one-man-army adventure.

"However, there's something deeply unoriginal about this third instalment. In the end, Antoine Fuqua offers nothing more than what was expected — the good, the bad and the very ugly."

The Hollywood Reporter

"It all plays out exactly as you would expect, with the Equalizer barely breaking a sweat as he takes down one bad guy after another, including one particularly mouthy one whom he subdues by squeezing a nerve in his hand.

"There's little to no suspense, because there's never any doubt that McCall, who seems like a murderous automaton rather than merely a veteran secret agent, will triumph over his adversaries."

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Indie Wire

"If this is the end of The Equalizer, it's a good one, a high note that overcomes confusion, complications, and convolutions to give everyone — Robert, Emma, kind-hearted Italians, the audience — a lavish adventure to remember."


"A solid conclusion to an unlikely trilogy and a fitting end to Robert McCall's character arc — with Washington still entertaining as a deliverer of slick justice."

Total Film

"When Washington does interact with the supporting cast, he's undeniably the strongest point of both the movie and the franchise. Fanning's character, however, feels like a wasted opportunity, risking sinking into cliché.

"Callbacks to the previous two movies are cheapened by sepia-tinged flashbacks, too, and a minor, somewhat eyeroll-worthy twist in the final act. The emotional beats still hit, though, with a ludicrous yet satisfyingly cyclical conclusion. The result is not quite a bang, not quite a whimper, but something in between."

The Equalizer 3 is out now in UK cinemas and in US cinemas on September 1.

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