The entry-level job paying $90,000 that nobody wants

An entry-level job to a career boasting high salaries is struggling to find applicants.

Both Australia and New Zealand appear to be suffering an air traffic controller shortage. Airways in New Zealand is hoping to recruit 10 trainees in 2019 but says it is difficult to find the right people, reports.

Air traffic controller salaries in New Zealand begin at $61,000 (AUD) during the first 12 months of training. After successfully completing training a first-year air traffic controller earns $90,000. The gig also involves 7.5-hour shifts over a four-day stretch. More experienced employees earn up to $170,000.

Air traffic controllers typically work 7.5-hour days with a roster of four days on, two days off rotation. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Airways air traffic services general manager Tim Boyle told Stuff while “a lot of different people” can fulfil what the job demands, “we just don’t see enough of them”.

However, New Zealand Air Line Pilots’ Association president Tim Robinson told Stuff issues with staff shortage, stress and fatigue is why no one is applying.

He claims he knows controllers who have had to come in on days off to cover for staff on leave adding to an “already stressful job”.

While the job doesn’t require qualifications as such, applicants do have to undergo rigorous testing with the selection process taking up to 12 months. You also can’t be an air traffic controller if you’re colour blind.

In Australia, the job is among one of the highest paying in the country according to the Australian Taxation Office. On average an air traffic controller in Australia earns $141,795 a year.