Energy workers banned from entering yards with loose dogs after attacks

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Queensland energy workers and meter readers will be banned from entering yards with unsecured dogs, following a spate of more than 70 attacks over a year.

Workers from Energex and Ergon in Queensland will not enter yards with loose dogs from January 14 as part of new safety measures.

While checking properties, workers suffered 71 dog bite injuries and nearly 200 other incidents and close-calls in the period between July 2017 and October 2018.

The change will apply to all Queensland properties, urban and rural.

“The safety of our employees has to come first and that means if there’s an unrestrained dog on a property, we won’t go in to do work of any kind,” Acting Group Manager for Customer and Market Operations Rob Mitchell said.

Workers have suffered dog bite injuries (pictured) while checking Queensland properties. Source: Supplied by Energex

“We’ll talk to customers about what options are available and if no one is home, we will leave information to help them do a self-read.

“In some cases where there is a dangerous dog or known access issue, a remote read meter will be installed.”

Customers are advised to restrain their dogs or keep them away from the meter box during meter readings.

Energex also encourages residents to provide details of their canine in an online form on their website.

From January 14, Energex and Ergon workers will not enter Queensland yards with unrestrained dogs after a spate of dog attack injuries (pictured). Source: Supplied/ Energex