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EmRata went full 70s hair at the VMAs with curtain bangs and a bouffant curly blowout

emily ratajkowski 70s vmas hair
EmRata went full 70s hair for the VMAsDia Dipasupil - Getty Images

Qwang qwang qwang: breaking news, stop the bus. PSA: Emily Ratajkowski looks impossibly hot. Who could have guessed it? No, but in all seriousness, EmRata looked absolutely unreal at the 2023 MTV VMAs and our only hope of recovering from this look is writing about it.

Her dark hair is back to her natural colour after recent stints as a blonde, a redhead and even pink hair, and styled into a look so retro, TFL would give it a freedom pass.

At first, when we clocked it on Instagram in the pics Em chose, it was giving us Farah Fawcett 70s vibes, but looking through the other snaps it's a more polished curl concentrated in the ends. That volume at the top comes not from the curls themselves, but instead, her dark tresses have been teased up into a glorious bouffant. The 60s have entered the chat.

The mega-model doubled down on her curtain bangs, with that bouffant only added to the high-drama, before tumbling into silky soft curls that just *scream* roller set.

emily ratajkowski 70s vmas hair
Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Looking at the combo of that intense bronzy orange glam and the boho midriff-baring gown, you can see why it was the 70s elements that jumped out front and centre from the 'do. And if you haven't swiped to the final slide of her Instagram post to see the video, we'd highly advise you do.

Whatever exact time bracket she's channelling, the late 60s, 70s? Whenever it is, get me a time machine and take me there pronto.

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