Channel 7 airport interview takes remarkable twist: 'I'm really scared'

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A man who flew to Sydney as NSW welcomed international travellers has been granted permission to travel on to WA after an emotional plea on live television about his sick mother.

Ethan Carter arrived from Los Angeles on Monday and was stopped by reporters at the airport.

Asked by 7News reporter Sarina Andalaro how he was feeling, Mr Carter held back tears as he delivered a heartbreaking response about his mother in WA.

Mr Carter held back tears as he revealed the predicament he and his mother face. Source: Seven
Mr Carter held back tears as he revealed the predicament he and his mother face. Source: Seven

"Im really scared and emotional because I really want to see my mum because the doctor said she hasn't got long," he said, with his interview beamed live to Sunrise's viewers.

After issuing a plea to WA Premier Mark McGowan to protect the mental health of people in his situation and to "reunite families" on the breakfast show, WA Police have confirmed Mr Carter has been granted an exemption to see his mother.

“After consideration of Mr Ethan Carter’s family circumstances the State Emergency Coordinator, WA Police Force Commissioner Chris Dawson, has this evening personally signed authorisation to allow Mr Carter to enter Western Australia,” a police spokesperson said, according to Sunrise.

He will however still be required to spend 14 days in hotel quarantine. He booked his flight to Perth on Tuesday morning.

WA reluctant to open border

Throughout the Covid pandemic an uncompromising Mr McGowan has enforced stringent border rules to ensure the state has remained Covid-free. 

As the rest of the country begins to open up to other states and the rest of the world, he has previously insisted he will not set a date for reopening until 80 percent of eligible adults in the state have received two doses of the vaccine.

WA currently has the lowest double dose percentage of any jurisdiction at 63.3 per cent as of Sunday.

Professor Jaya Dantas from Curtin University's School of Population Health previously told Yahoo News Australia the state's tight border and successful suppression of the virus had lulled WA residents into a false sense of security meaning there was little emphasis to get the jab. 

From Friday, return travellers into the state from Victoria and NSW must be fully vaccinated, with the rule coming into effect for other states from November 15.

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