Emmerdale's Tom upsets Belle with cruel wedding dress comments

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tom King has once again upset Belle Dingle with a cruel comment about her wedding dress in Emmerdale.

Viewers have seen a darker side to Tom in the run-up to the couple's wedding, as he got physical with Belle late last year and has made a series of mean-spirited remarks more recently.

Thursday's (February 8) double bill saw the pair embark on their 'sten night' combining stag and hen dos, with Tom continuing to show his dark side once he'd got drunk.

The day started disastrously when Tom accidentally saw Belle's wedding dress as he walked in on Suzy Merton preparing for the big day. Tom was further put off when Suzy informed him that Marlon Dingle had taken over with making the wedding cake, leaving him to feel left out of the planning.

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When Belle stopped by to see Suzy, she was disappointed to hear that Tom had accidentally seen her wedding dress.

Once it came time for the actual 'sten night', Belle had a wonderful time as the ladies surprised her with a hunky cut-out of Tom. Tom was drowning his sorrows with Suni Sharma at the Woolpack, where he admitted they had to do a 'sten night' because Suni was his only real mate in the village.

"It doesn't matter because I've got the only person I need right here, and I've got Belle. I love her and she loves me," he told Suni. "What else can I really ask for?"

The ladies soon arrived at the Woolpack, where a drunk Tom hopped on top of the bar to declare his love for his bride-to-be.

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However, once the couple got home, Tom wounded Belle by suggesting she get a "better" wedding dress before they tie the knot.

"You don't have to make do with that cheap dress," Tom told her. "I will pay. I want everything to be perfect."

Belle was left feeling upset by her fiancé's cruel insult as the episode ended.

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