Emmerdale's Tom King sabotages Belle in disturbing scenes

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tom King has sabotaged his wife Belle's new job in disturbing Emmerdale scenes.

Tom has continued showing controlling behaviour since his disastrous wedding night with Belle, most recently trying to convince her not to take a job with Suzy at Take A Vow.

He continued trying to put pressure on Belle to start a family in Wednesday's (March 20) episode, while she preferred for them to enjoy their time as newlyweds first.

"We've got a choice. Once we have kids, we haven't got a choice," she reminded him.

Tom's latest frightening turn of events came about when Belle started this new job as a wedding planner.

belle in emmerdale

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Suzy assigned her new employee to work with a groom-to-be named Daniel, who she innocently described as "practically made for" Belle because of their shared sustainability beliefs.

"Is everyone who works at your place gorgeous?" Daniel cheekily asked Suzy, as an irate Tom looked on.

Viewers later saw an alarming scene at the vet's office when Tom took one of the scalpels and cut into his own hand, then called Belle to claim he'd had an accident at work.

Belle brought Dr Liam Cavanagh along with him to take a look at the wound, only for Tom to insist she'd overreacted.

Once Liam had left, Belle was furious that Tom had pulled him away from his client for a minor wound — calling Tom "a baby" and rushing off to get back to work.

Tom could barely mask his anger about his wife working closely with Daniel, so he keyed the client's car and then warned him off working with Belle.

tom king in emmerdale

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He pretended to be an unsatisfied Take A Vow client, claiming that he'd had a "pretty stressful" time working with the wedding planners.

"It's the owner, Leyla. She had a cocaine addiction and she was siphoning off clients' money," Tom warned.

"They ruined our wedding day and we had to sort out everything ourselves."

Later, Belle was distraught when the client suddenly ghosted her. Tom pretended he was the none the wiser, then promised Belle he'd support her if she got sacked by Suzy.

Will Tom's sabotage be revealed?

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