Emmerdale's Nate Robinson shares Tracy and Caleb affair theory

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Nate Robinson has shared his theory about Tracy and Caleb's affair in Emmerdale.

Thus far, Nate hasn't figured out that his wife and his uncle have been fooling around behind his back for several weeks.

In Wednesday's (January 24) episode, Caleb surprised Tracy with a virtual bouquet of flowers and suggested they have a secret rendezvous over lunch at his place.

"It's a date," Tracy told him with a smile.

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Their romantic moment was broken up by Nate's arrival, forcing Tracy to make a quick exit in order to avoid an awkward conversation.

Nate later confided in Belle Dingle at the Woolpack that he was suspicious something wasn't right in his relationship.

When Nate suggested he didn't want to rock the boat by bringing it up with Tracy, Belle encouraged him to open up.

"It doesn't mean you shouldn't say anything if you're unhappy. Just tell her how you feel before it becomes a big issue," she said.

Nate agreed with Belle, so he tried to arrange his own catch-up with Tracy over lunch. At the same time, Tracy was having her candle-lit lunch with Caleb where he suggested she had genuine feelings for him.

"We've been over this," Tracy told him. "No feelings, just kisses."

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Tracy turned up at home later on to find Nate was annoyed she'd ignored his message. Tracy offered to make things up to Nate by taking the following day off, only for him to turn her down.

"Things feel off between us," Nate confided in her. "I hardly see you and when I do, it's like you're a million miles away. If I'm doing something wrong, I need you to tell me so I can fix it."

Tracy insisted Nate wasn't doing anything wrong — and that their relationship was "fine". As a hurt Nate tried to think things over, Belle turned up to see how his declaration of love had gone.

"I think my marriage is in trouble," he confided in Belle.

nate robinson, emmerdale

Nate pointed out that he'd found Caleb's wallet in their house, on top of the fact that Caleb was going to invest in Tracy's business project.

"Something's not right," he suspected.

Belle reminded Nate that he was talking about his uncle Caleb, so he brushed aside his suspicions for the time being.

"Tracy would never do that, especially not with Caleb," Nate said.

Yet, at home, Nate swiped Tracy's phone while she was upstairs, only to discover she'd deleted a series of text messages to Caleb.

Viewers know that Nate will soon discover the truth that his wife and his uncle have been betraying him for weeks…

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