Emmerdale's Nate Robinson gets unlikely ally after being dumped by Tracy

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Nate Robinson has gained an unexpected ally after being dumped by his wife Tracy in Emmerdale.

Monday's (February 5) episode saw Caleb Miligan taking in a confused Nate, after the latter found out from Tracy that their marriage is over.

Nate still has no proof that Tracy has been cheating on him with Caleb, as his attempt to catch them in the act last week ended up with him walking in on Caleb with his estranged wife Ruby instead.

The latest instalment featured Moira Dingle trying to convince Tracy not to throw away her marriage when they had a heart-to-heart conversation.

amy walsh as tracy in emmerdale

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"I've tried to love [Nate], but if I keep on pretending, it's just going to get worse," she realised.

Asked if she was sure this was not just "a phase", Tracy hesitated before admitting: "I'm sure."

Later, Tracy had the unenviable responsibility of telling Nate that she wanted out of their marriage — though she stopped short of admitting her affair with Caleb.

"There is something wrong, yeah. But it's not Frankie and it's not my mental health. It's us," she told him. "I'm so sorry but I don't love you anymore."

Tracy insisted that she'd simply fallen out of love with Nate, though he knew she wasn't telling him the entire truth.

"Tell me the truth, Tracy, you owe me that," he demanded.

jurell carter as nate and amy walsh as tracy in emmerdale

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However, Tracy continued to insist there was "no-one else", leading to Nate storming out of the house. As he wandered down the highway in a daze, Caleb surprisingly came to his aid.

He encouraged Nate to come with him back to his place before Nate admitted he'd thought Tracy and Caleb were having an affair.

While he seemingly no longer suspected the affair, Nate insisted that "something's going on" with Tracy and he would absolutely get to the bottom of it!

Will Caleb and Tracy finally be caught out?

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