Emmerdale's Nate to face a huge dilemma as Caleb suddenly falls ill

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Nate Robinson faces a difficult decision next week when he discovers Caleb Milligan in pain and in desperate need of help.

Viewers know Nate has been furious with his uncle Caleb ever since the truth came out about Caleb's affair with Nate's wife Tracy earlier this year. The fling led to Tracy's decision to end her marriage to Nate.

The storyline kicks off in upcoming scenes involving Caleb's wife Ruby Fox-Milligan and her plan to win the Dingles round by killing them with kindness.

Cain grows wise to her scheme, ordering Ruby to leave his family alone – and warns her that the Dingles can't be bought.

ruby, cain dingle, lydia dingle, sam dingle, emmerdale
ruby, lydia dingle, sam dingle, cain dingle, emmerdale
cain dingle, emmerdale

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However, Ruby refuses to back down and shares her worries about Cain's ultimatum to Lydia. Lydia tries to play down Ruby's concerns but it's not long until Cain follows through on his warning.

With Ruby having gifted three air fryers to the extended Dingle clan, Cain makes it clear what he thinks of her kind gesture by taking a sledgehammer and smashing them to pieces.

Despite Cain's outburst, Ruby steps up her plans to win him over and enlists Chas' help to organise an impromptu family gathering at The Woolpack.

Cain is furious after realising he's been tricked into attending Ruby's event, but despite his anger, things begin to thaw between Cain and Caleb. The relationship between the two brothers had also been dealt a blow in recent weeks due to Caleb's betrayal.

ruby serenades caleb in emmerdale
caleb miligan, nicky miligan, ruby fox miligan, emmerdale

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The promising start to the party quickly goes awry when Ruby interrupts the festivities with a drunken karaoke performance and begs Caleb for forgiveness.

As the party gets more chaotic, Caleb jumps to Ruby's defence and chooses her over his family.

The next day, things take a surprising turn when Caleb is overcome with pain and doubles over. Nate is surprised to stumble upon Caleb in a bad state and is faced with a dilemma when Caleb begs him to help.

Will Nate take the high road and get help for Caleb or leave him to suffer in pain?

caleb miligan, emmerdale
caleb miligan, nate robinson, emmerdale

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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