Emmerdale's Manpreet is rumbled as she kisses Billy

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Claudette Anderson has seen Manpreet Sharma try to kiss Billy Fletcher in shocking Emmerdale scenes.

In Monday's episode (April 29), Manpreet continued to develop a crush on her new physical trainer Billy during a boozy night at the Woolpack.

Ella had arranged a night out, though she was surprised to see how much Manpreet was fawning over Billy as she got more and more drunk. She pulled Manpreet outside and asked her point blank if she was developing feelings for Billy.

"Things haven't been great between [Charles and I]. There's this weird distance," Manpreet explained. "Then, Billy bench-presses his way in, pays me compliments and makes me feel good."

billy and manpreet in emmerdale

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Ella was relieved that Billy was "oblivious" to Manpreet's feelings and that her mate was "committed" to saving her relationship with Charles.

"There's no way anything would happen," Manpreet insisted.

Ella encouraged Manpreet to "put it down as a life experience" and move on. However, Manpreet couldn't help herself when she spotted Billy leaving the pub.

Billy got a little embarrassed as Manpreet showered him with compliments, though he was not at all prepared for her to grab him with both hands and try to plant a kiss on him.

"Get off me," Billy demanded. "Just because you and Charles aren't getting on, doesn't mean you can do this. Get a grip of yourself."

manpreet sharma, emmerdale

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As Billy walked off, neither he nor Manpreet knew that Charles's mother, Claudette Anderson, had seen their entire exchange… and she was not at all impressed.

Will Claudette confront Manpreet over the kiss?

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