Emmerdale's Liam Cavanagh tries to force out Ella Forster

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Liam Cavanagh has tried to force Ella Forster out of the village in Emmerdale.

The doctor learned about his girlfriend's dark secret last weekend when he tried to support her by attending the funeral of a woman, June, whom he thought was Ella's mother.

Instead, Liam was stunned when the dead woman's relatives claimed June's daughter was dead and blamed Ella for the tragedy. Viewers later learned that, as a child, Ella killed her best friend in a jealous rage.

In Monday's (June 3) episode, Liam was deeply hurt that Ella had lied to him because he'd opened up to her about his own trauma of losing daughter Leanna.

He was furious to find out that Jimmy and Bob were letting Ella rent a room at the B&B after Cain Dingle encouraged them to take her in because of his son Kyle's own killer past.

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Liam went off to confront Cain, accusing him of sticking his nose where it didn't belong just to help "a pretty lady".

"I don't see why it's your business where she stops, as long as it's nowhere near you," Cain shot back.

When Liam insisted he wanted Ella out of the villa, Cain incredulously replied: "Who made you sheriff?"

Leyla was able to call Liam off before things escalated with Cain, though when he soon came face-to-face with Ella, he hurtfully branded her a "compulsive liar".

Ella tried to explain that she was a "different person" than she was as a child, yet he accused her of "months of lies" and said their relationship was over.

After making it clear he wanted Ella out of the village, Liam was once again aggravated to later see that she hadn't left.

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Ella revealed that she had kept her dark secret her entire life, assuring Liam it was "nothing personal" that she'd hidden it from him too.

"You're the first person I wanted to tell," she explained. "You're the first person I've loved and trusted that much but when I learned about Leanna, and heard about what happened, I could see how hard it was for you."

Liam was undeterred, telling Ella: "I don't hate you for what you did back then. I hate you for what you've done these past few months… I genuinely, honestly never want to see your face again."

Is this really the end for Liam and Ella?

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