Emmerdale's Kim Tate exposes Ruby Fox-Miligan's big secret

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Kim Tate has exposed Ruby Fox-Miligan's revenge plot in Emmerdale.

Ruby recently made a secret pact with Kim, promising she'd discover all of her estranged husband Caleb's dirty secrets so they could bring him down together.

However, Kim has since sensed that Ruby may be trying to play her against Caleb so she's warned her ally not to double-cross her.

This week has seen Ruby manipulate Caleb into ruining Tracy's business presentation at the HOP as revenge for their affair — with Kim sceptically watching on.

caleb and ruby in coronation street

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In Friday's (March 8) episode, Kim decided she'd had enough of Ruby's mind games after witnessing Vanessa and Tracy confronting her for "pulling [Caleb's] strings".

She scorched the whole secret plot by telling Caleb exactly what his estranged wife had been up to behind his back.

"She's planning on stripping your assets, getting access to your accounts with the car firm and taking you for every penny," Kim told Caleb.

"She asked for my help, which was tempting. But, she's a liability so I'm out."

Despite Kim's damning confession, Caleb actually forgave Ruby for going behind his back and agreed they could make a new start.

"I love you, you idiot," Caleb told her before they kissed.

With Caleb back in her good graces, Ruby snuck off to Home Farm to convince Kim she was still committed to bringing down her husband.

kim tate in emmerdale

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"I've been watching you for weeks and it's obvious how you feel about him," Kim told her. "You don't just love Caleb, you're obsessed. It's pretty pathetic."

Kim then warned: "You two can tear each other apart, but do not involve me again."

Ruby had a warning of her own for Kim, telling her: "You don't want to make an enemy of me."

Kim openly laughed in Ruby's face as the scene wrapped up…

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