Emmerdale's Ethan Anderson faces worrying threats ahead of hit and run

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Ethan Anderson faced some worrying threats on Emmerdale ahead of his hit and run storyline.

It's been a dramatic time on the ITV soap lately, with Nicky Miligan hospitalised following a serious car crash, an incident which saw Ethan arrested.

Tonight's (May 21) episode began with the hospital declaring that Nicky would need to spend more time there in order to stop the bleeding in his brain.

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Ethan, meanwhile, was in no mood to show his face around the village as he felt everybody was staring at him, though Charles encouraged him to leave the house.

Ethan eventually took his father's advice, but it soon backfired as Caleb approached them at the pub, with Ethan apologising profusely for his part in Nicky's accident. Caleb, however, wasn't in any mood to accept his repentance, telling Charles that "sorry wasn't good enough."

Caleb later met with Ruby and Cain and they updated each other on Nicky's condition. Things got heated as they noticed that Charles and Ethan were laughing on their way back home, with tensions boiling over.

Ethan once again offered his apologies, but Cain, Ruby and Caleb were completely dismissive of his words. Charles ushered Ethan indoors in order to keep him safe.

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As the pair entered their house, the others expressed their desire for revenge of sorts, with Cain saying they couldn't exactly "beat him up in the street."

Caleb said he wanted Ethan to "suffer" immediately, with Ruby echoing his sentiments that he would "wish he was dead" if Nicky didn't pull through.

What lengths will the trio go to, and will Ethan be able to convince them that revenge isn't always the best course of action?...

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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