Emmerdale's Ella Forster branded 'child killer' in dark cliffhanger

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Ella Forster has been branded a 'child killer' in a dark Emmerdale cliffhanger.

This week's episodes have shed new light on Ella's mysterious backstory after Manpreet Sharma found she'd been visiting an elderly woman called June in a care home.

Manpreet suspected that June must be Ella's mother, though viewers have learned that is not the case. This mix-up led to some very awkward scenes on Thursday (May 30) following June's death.

Ella had told Liam that she needed some time alone that day, later confiding in Manpreet that she would be attending June's funeral.

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At the cafe, Leyla shared her concerns with Liam that Ella isn't telling the truth about her backstory. Liam brushed aside her concerns to comfort Manpreet following Ethan's tragic death.

Liam pointed out that sometimes you have to give people what's best for them, rather than what they say they want. This led Manpreet to tell him Ella was heading to her mother's funeral all alone.

"I'll take the blame [if this is a mistake] but I have to be there," he insisted. "She shouldn't have to say goodbye on her own."

Before he could leave town, Liam stopped by the surgery to find Leyla on his computer. Liam warned her to stay out of his business because he was determined to support his girlfriend.

The doctor decided he'd go along to the funeral as a show of support for Ella, who was next shown standing at the graveside laying down flowers.

Ella spoke aloud, saying it "wouldn't be right" for her to attend the funeral because it would hurt June's loved ones.

"I hope you find some peace now, both of you," Ella said. "I'm so sorry for everything."

As the graveside service started, Ella ducked into the wooded area beyond the cemetery and flipped up the hood on her jacket. She was horrified to see Liam appear moments later.

Liam was confused since Ella was nowhere in sight, so he introduced himself to the guests as the boyfriend of June's daughter.

"June's daughter is dead," one of the relatives angrily told him.

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Ella stepped out of the shadows to prevent Liam from being harrassed, leading the angry relative to say it should be Ella "in that hole" instead of June.

As Ella broke down and apologised, the relative snapped: "You never should have come here. You're scum. You're a murderer! A child killer!"

Liam was totally perplexed as the episode came to a shocking conclusion…

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