Emmerdale's Charity Dingle hopes for Mackenzie reunion after secret passion

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Charity Dingle has expressed hopes of reconciling with Mackenzie Boyd in Emmerdale.

The two slept together in Wednesday's (August 23) dramatic episode, while Mackenzie was supposed to be running errands for his son Reuben's Christening.

The moment was a reversal of what broke up Charity and Mack to begin with, as he'd shared a secret night of passion with Chloe during a break with Charity.

Mack had gone to see Charity in secret and passion took hold during a fraught moment for the former couple. The aftermath was embarrassing for both, leading Mack to make a quick retreat rather than face up to what they'd done.

mackenzie boyd charity dingle emmerdale

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He returned home wracked with guilt, especially after seeing how much work Chloe was putting in for the Christening. All the while, Charity was hoping she could now reconcile with Mack.

Mack later turned up to the Woolpack with a cake for Reuben's Christening and told Chas he wanted everything to be perfect for Chloe on the big day.

"I'm this close to a meltdown," he admitted.

He was surprised by Charity when he went off to the toilets and tried to smooth over how he'd run away earlier.

Charity admitted she'd had similar nerves, telling Mack: "I felt bad about Chloe, and then I thought, why the hell do I feel bad about Chloe?"

mackenzie boyd charity dingle emmerdale

She suggested they get through the Christening and then figure out what to do about Chloe. Mack joked that Charity "never ceases to amaze him" and they exchanged longing glances as the episode came to an end.

Is Chloe headed for a crushing discovery about Mack and Charity?

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