Emmerdale's Caleb regrets Nate invite as Tracy drama continues

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Caleb Miligan has admitted he regrets helping Nate Robinson following his employee's split from Tracy Robinson in Emmerdale.

Earlier this week, Caleb offered to take in Nate when he found him roaming the highways, distraught over Tracy breaking off their marriage.

The entire situation remains combustible since Tracy decided to split with Nate following an affair with Caleb — and now Caleb's estranged wife Ruby is back in the picture as well.

In Tuesday's (February 6) episode, Caleb cringed as Ruby offered Nate encouragement that he might be able to save his marriage.

jurell carter as nate in emmerdale

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"Me and the silver fox have split up and got back together more times than Will [Smith] and Jada [Pinkett Smith], some couples are like that," she assured Nate.

Caleb begged his wife to leave Nate alone, looking more awkward by the second. Soon, the whole situation got even more tense as Cain showed up to talk things through with Nate. Cain later confided in Caleb and Ruby that "it doesn't make sense" for Tracy to have split with Nate.

"What doesn't make sense is why he isn't over there demanding to know who the other bloke is," Ruby pointed out.

Caleb snuck off to confront Tracy, complaining that "everyone's talking" about her split from Nate and it could throw suspicion onto him.

amy walsh as tracy in emmerdale

Tracy was more concerned with why Caleb had taken in Nate, leading him to clarify he had no choice but now feels entirely uncomfortable.

She then told Caleb point blank: "You are not the reason I have split up with my husband. Now, get out!"

Before he could leave, Nate turned up to pick up his belongings — thus forcing Caleb to make up an excuse that he'd come by to pick up Nate's stuff for him.

"You've caught me," Caleb told him.

Once Nate was out of earshot, Caleb begged Tracy not to "ruin any more lives" by revealing the truth about their affair.

will ash as caleb in emmerdale

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Later, Tracy had a heart-to-heart with Nate where she tried to convince him it was wrong for them ever to get back together after he cheated years ago.

"We wanted the fantasy," she explained before Nate angrily stormed out.

Over at the Mill, Caleb admitted to his son that it was "a nightmare" having Nate stay with him. When Nicky warned his dad he couldn't be "the hero", Caleb shushed him so nobody could hear.

Ruby caught the tail of their conversation and appeared to be suspicious something was up, yet Nicky insisted nothing was happening. The affair will ultimately be exposed in shocking scenes airing next week, followed by Ruby taking revenge on her husband and Tracy.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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