Emmerdale's Cain Dingle vows to end Samson's lies over Matty

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tonight's (June 7) episode of Emmerdale saw Cain Dingle vow to end Samson Dingle's lies over Matty Barton.

Village newcomer Josh turned nasty this week after he discovered that Amy Barton's new husband Matty is trans.

Matty faced an upsetting ordeal in last night's (June 6) hour-long episode, after an altercation with Josh saw Samson get accidentally stabbed by the knife that Matty was holding.

After vigorously shoving Samson, Josh wrongly accuses Matty of coming at them both with the weapon — with Matty later spending the night in a police cell while Samson received treatment.

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Tonight's episode saw Amy express her worry to Cain after Matty was taken away by the police. "I can't get my head around any of this you know? He must be so scared, sat in a cell by himself," she said.

Matty faced a tough interrogation at the police station, where he had to go over the devastating events that took place in The Hide.

"I've been going out of my mind in that cell. I've never hurt anyone not on purpose, I promise," he said, before being taken back to his cell to await further enquiries.

As Matty faced a series of tough questions, the rest of the village pondered over what could have happened to make Matty react "so out of character".

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Later, Amy and Moira headed to The Hide to ask Jai if there's any CCTV to back up Matty's story, but he confirmed there wasn't any evidence to help his case.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Sam asked Samson to explain what really happened as they couldn't understand why Matty would lash out. Their questions resulted in Samson storming off, accusing his family of "interrogating" him.

Josh then arrived to check his story with Samson, who was starting to think about coming clean.

"If you just stick to the same story, it's two against one, we win," said Josh, to which Samson replied: "But Matty's family."

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"Ah alright yeah, you just go on, tell the truth and see what happens to us or do you want to go to prison? You better decide whose side you're on Samson," threatened Josh. "I'm warning you, if you drop me in it, I'll make sure that you suffer."

Once Matty arrived home, Cain learned that Samson told the police that Matty attacked him without provocation.

"Now no-one's gonna believe me. The police will have no choice but to charge me with knife crime. I will go to prison," said a worried Matty.

"No-one's going anywhere if I've got anything to do with it. Samson's going to do right by his family, whether he likes it or not," confirmed an angry Cain.

Can Cain get Samson to tell the truth?

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