Emmerdale's Cain Dingle brutally beaten up by nephew Aaron

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Cain Dingle has been brutally beaten up by nephew Aaron in dramatic Emmerdale scenes.

The months-long feud between the Dingle family members simmered over into a full-scale brawl in Thursday's (January 25) episode, after Cain had previously caught Aaron trying to steal a client's car from his garage.

While Aaron reluctantly returned the car in a recent episode, the mistrust between Cain and his troubled nephew has only continued to grow.

The latest instalment saw the Dingle family tell Aaron's brother-in-law Vinny all about his recent schemes, leading to an argument between the pair in the café.

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"Don't believe everything you're told," Aaron snapped at Vinny. "Some people around here have really big mouths, and other people are too scared to shut 'em up."

He then warned Vinny: "If people are looking for trouble, then trust me, they're going to find it."

At the Woolpack, Aaron confronted Cain and was equally warned that his actions will have consequences if they affected the Dingle family.

"This is about choices, and you're making the wrong ones over and over," Cain told him.

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Chas had to physically intervene to prevent the two men from fighting in the pub, but it was soon revealed that Aaron had stolen Cain's car. Aaron made quick work of removing the car's plates and trying to arrange a quickie off-market sale. Before the sale could go down, a police officer approached the car.

The police officer ordered Aaron to accompany him to the local station to find out whether he'd stolen the car. At the same time, Cain made it clear to Moira that he was going to have to do something serious to get through to Aaron.

Aaron looked to be in hot water as the police officer questioned him at the station, only for the interview to be terminated abruptly since Cain had covered for him.

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During a subsequent row, Cain told Aaron that he'd be given "no more chances". As Cain turned to leave, Aaron taunted him over Cain's son Kyle shooting Al Chapman to death a few years ago.

Aaron charged over to the Woolpack to have it out with Sam and Lydia for telling Cain he'd stolen the car. He verbally attacked Sam, calling him a "village idiot" and urging him to go tell Cain what he'd said again.

This led to another confrontation in Cain's garage, this time with a verbal argument turning into a physical fight.

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Cain got the better of Aaron in the brawl but stopped himself in a show of mercy instead of hitting him with a wrench. Aaron took advantage of Cain's mercy by turning the tables, brutally beating him down and seriously injuring him with a vicious kick to the ribs.

The episode ended sometime later with Cain waking up. He was severely injured, but there was a look of pure fury in his eyes.

Will Aaron pay for what he's done?

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